Ruby’s Ice Cream starts with the story of a young girl and her Mum, spending the once a year family holiday on the Yorkshire coast with her 7 brothers and sister. Ruby would treat the family all to an ice cream, sparking the imagination and love for that yearly coach holiday and ice cream that would last for the next 50 years.

Childhood memories flood back every time the word “knickerbocker glory” is mentioned, or the the thought of jelly and ice cream (underrated in my opinion). Even 50 years on, with every ice cream served, it brings a smile to my face and lovely, happy childhood memories come flooding back.

Ruby’s Ice Cream was named in memory of my Mum.  

As the years go by, so do different tastes for Ice Cream – no longer the traditional scoops of vanilla, but wild and tasteful recipes refined from years of practicing. But still keeping with tradition, all served from my special Ice Cream bicycle.

And so, Ruby’s Ice Cream was formed.